Pub Etiquette

1#. Now a good person serving behind the bar should keep track on the order the customers that need serving, even at the busier times. However this may not be the case. When approach the bar check and make a mental note who was there before you. If the person serving then comes to you before any of the other people that were there before hand then make this point and pass them on to someone that was there before you. Don’t be a git and place your order. No one likes a git. Alternatively if this is reciprocated to you should acknowledge this to the person and thank them for this kind gesture.

2#. If you are in a group then it is best to either buy rounds between you or put into a whip. Bar staff cannot stand customers from the same group of people order separately and pay separately especially with coinage.

3#. When approaching the bar you have you order ready and the means that you wish to pay ready as well. This saves a lot time and effort. Don’t order one drink at a time, good bar staff can remember at least five drinks before asking you what else you would like to order. When it comes to paying you know that you have do it so have it ready, don’t start diving into those pockets of yours and count out the pennies or try and find your purse in the oversized handbag that you have.

4#. Don’t wave a bank note under the bar staff nose to get their attention. This is just rude and will most likely get you pushed to the back of the queue. Likewise don’t fold the note or crumple it for the bar staff to straighten out. Just simple eye contact should do the trick.

5#. If you get a bar snack like crisp then the packet needs to be split open and placed on the table for everyone to share. Don’t go hogging them yourself, nobody likes a piggy. Nuts should be passed around. Pork scratching you can keep to yourself, yuk.


6#. When you are in an establishment that is serving ales that you have not tried before then try not give it the ‘large one’ and choose the ale with the highest alcohol content. Serval reason for this:

  • Normal these are quiet strong in tastes and will be very over powering.
  • It will mean that you continue drinking it you will have a short night out as you will be flat on you back in next to no time. Consequently this could mean losing friends as they cannot be arsed to carry you home.
  • Hangovers will kick in the next day and probably memory loss as will well as stinking like a stale kebab and a chilli sauce stains that you cannot get out of your clothes.

Like I said if you are new to drinking ale this may put you off of trying ale again. Pace yourself and enjoy the other beers that are on offer. You could also wait to the end of your session and ask to try a sample before you buy yourself a pint.

7#. If you beer come to you and it had too large a head on it then send it back and back and ask for them to top it up.

8#. When trying an ale for the first time check on its clarity and make sure that it is clear. Give a sniff and check on the aroma. Take two sips, first sip wets the pallet and will clear the taste of the previous beer and the then the second sip gives you the actual taste of the beer. You will notice that the second sip will taste different to the first.

9#. Your beer should be slightly chilled, not warm which is a misconception. To keep it chilled for longer ask for the drink to be served in a tankard or a dimpled glass as these have handles and the body heat from you hand will not warm it. Or you can just drink your pint quicker.

Please feel free to add any more Tips and Trick in the comment box below.

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