I am here to share the experiences that I have had and will continue to have while drinking real ale. Now I do like a good drink and a good drink is what I like to drink. That is why I drink ale.

Now I will not make out that I am an expert nor have I been in the industry for countless of years. I am not a journalist or won awards. I am just an ordinary chap that likes a pint or two of ale. I have worked in pubs, bars and working mens clubs,  on and off since I was a in my early teens.

I live in Essex and have done most of my life but am well-travelled. Iused to be an events coordinator for 14 years working for large banks in the city. Working in hospitality it allowed me to be introduced to of the finest foods and drinks around which I very much enjoyed, who wouldn’t. Even with this fine dining I would still end the evening in a traditional boozer asking for a pint of their finest at the end of the evening.

Now when I do go out and I just tend to frequent pubs now, as I am forty something and feel that I am too old for clubs and bars. I don’t do it as much as what I used to as I have a fine wife and a young family where both time and money are in short supply. This is one of the reason I started brewing my own beer. I have had made my own bar that is at the bottom of the garden to keep my brews and I share them out with friends and family when they visit.

When going to the pub I will try the different brews that they have and work my way through them. It is only on the odd occasion that if I find one that I really like I will stick to that pint for the rest of the evening rather than continuing the rest of my exploration. I do feel torn sometimes when this happens as I think to myself “have I missed out on an even better pint”? This is very rare though and it would have to be an exceptional beer. Sometimes it is tough call and I wrestle with my inner self. Maybe this is more a reflection on me wanting more or being satisfied in life. I never saw myself as a philosopher.

I want to get out more and visit more of the pubs and breweries especially the ones that are local to me. I want to listen and share stories with other people. I feel the need to promote, celebrate and feel proud of the fine ale culture what we have around us and support local business in doing so.


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