Take Me to the Top

Now I am no skinflint when it comes to money however I do like to get value for money. This is no different when I buy a pint of ale. Here in the U.K alcohol is taxed and taxed fairly heavily compared to most countries. The stronger the alcohol content the more tax you will pay for your drink. That is why it annoys me that when I ask for a pint of  ale and I do not get one and I end up with a glass that is fairly full but with a frothy head on the beer that is an inch deep. I have asked politely and I am paying for the beer so I expect to get a full pint. My reply to that is “Err no, excuse me Mr. Barman I will have that pint that I asked for when you are ready please”. Now I must admit I have not come across a pub that has not taken the pint back and topped it up, but then again I really should not have to ask.

Now I understand that the further north you travel in this green and pleasant land it is preferred to have a larger head on your beer. Fair play to you, it is your pint and you have paid for it. If you want to look like you have a big bushy white mustache after your first sip then that is your choice. However would you change you mind if you knew how much of that gorgeous liquid that you are missing from your pint was going to the tax. Now don’t get me wrong I am all for paying my taxes as long as the taxes are being spent wisely, and in this day and age I believe that most of us probably think that they are. Seeing banks being paid off by the government when it was them that got us into the predicament in the first place. Our national gem of the NHS is on its knees needing cash and the high streets around the country are looking so poor with shops and pubs closing and betting offices opening.

Is this the reason that home brewing has taken off so much over the past few years because the pub are expensive and the appeal of the high street is not what is was? Are people are finding it cheaper, easier and more appealing to stay in?

Tax on a pint of beer in uk in 2012, over 33%!?     European Taxation on Beer

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